Orphan Aid- IRAQ Update Feb 2020

A member of the WAI committee visited our local partner in Iraq, Al-Taawin Charity Association in February 2020. We were fortunate to visit the Najaf office. We were able to meet some of the orphans who attend the school run by the organisation. These orphan children receive a high-quality education in a great facility, which gives them a chance of escaping the cycle of poverty through education and healthy nurturing. Many of us have witnessed the lack of infrastructure and development in Iraq, which hinders these children’s progress through life. This school, and others like it, are like a haven for these children. These are able to benefit from great facilities and experience a healthy environment free from the stresses that pervade their daily life outside school.

WAI sponsors the living expenses of 150 orphans in Iraq, as well as sponsoring the education of 5-10 orphans per year. The number of education sponsorships is low because of the high cost ($1200 USD per year). Please contact us if you would like to contribute to sponsoring the education of more orphans in Iraq. This project is khums-eligible.

To donate today please follow this link