Prosthesis provision updates


Lava Katous, aged 10, lost his right leg in a car accident 2 years ago. He now gets around with a make-shift crutch often not being able to participate with his peers in day to day activities. Welfare Aid was honoured to meet this young man on its recent Africa trip and with the help of its donors will fund this child's prosthetic limb replacement.

Lava was handed his new prosthesis limb last week. He will be practicing on it for five days after which he will return back to his village in GEITA region and join back to school.

The loss of a limb due to accidents, disease or other misadventure can have a serious impact on a person. In Africa, this is even more acute when the amputee is the sole bread-earner of the house. Welfare aid, with their partners in Tanzania, the Desk and Chair Foundation has been made aware of 11 such cases:

Neema Seneca was involved in a motorbike accident that resulted in a life-threatening head injury. While she was lucky enough to survive she had to bear the accident's unfortunate consequence of her left leg being amputated. Desk and Chair Foundation has provided her with a wheelchair and zimmer frame to help her mobilise over the past several months. Now that the wound has healed and she has gained some strength it is time for us to give Neema the opportunity to walk again with the aid of a prosthetic limb.



Mrs Mariam Hamisi suffered a right leg amputation in April 2017 due to long standing diabetes. Now that the wound has healed and a stump ready to be installed Mariam has asked that she be supported to acquire a prosthetic limb – one that will change her life.




Raphael Luhaye (68) lives in Kasuku village in Kigoma. His right leg was amputated 3 years after he was involved in a car accident. Being a diabetic it was too difficult to save the limb. Desk and Chair Foundation had assisted him with a wheel chair and a pair of crutches and he has now come all the way from Kigoma to request help with funding for a prosthetic limb that he hopes will give him the opportunity to return to his farming life.




Masumbuko Juma makes a living by breaking up large rocks. On one occasion a large rock fell onto his left leg, crushing it. He woke up some days later in Gugando Referral Hospital to find his leg amputated. He too has sought the help of DCF and WAI in sourcing him with a prosthetic limb





Marry Mjita leaves in Igombe village. She was bitten by a snake while farming. As she was unable to access urgent medical treatment with the hospital being so far away, her leg had to be amputated. She hopes to have the prospect of a prosthetic limb that would give her back some of the ability to return to her usual daily activities