Yemen October/November Update

Approximately $21,000 AUD (Approx $14000USD) was raised by the local community and sent to purchase essential food and water supplies for the most needy people in Yemen.

Most of the aid was directed towards the area of Hudaydah, where the fighting has been intense and where the need for food and medical aid has been the most dire. The food baskets were distributed to the people who have fled from Hudaydah and settled in the coastal strip on the Red Sea, in the west of Yemen. This included area of At Tuhayta: this is the area where families were in such a bad state of famine that they were eating boiled leaves (as shown in the widespread video footage).

745 food baskets were distributed, made up from the following commodities:
·         7 tonnes or rice
·         16 tonnes of flour
·         4 tonnes of sugar
·         1300 litres of cooking oil
·         2 tonnes of powdered milk
We pass on our heartfelt and sincere thanks to all the donors who made it possible for life-saving aid to reach these most needy of families.